planting and progress

Planting, planting, planting


It has been a busy few weeks planting out annuals and dahlia, while keeping fingers crossed that there isn’t a sudden change in the weather.  Finally, all of the sweat peas are in.  The first sowing are starting to flower.  The biennials from last year have been flowering for the last four weeks we have had lots of Sweet William, Oryla, Stocks, Salvia and Cerinthe.

I have just ordered the seeds for this year’s biennials, after the success of the Sweet William I am definitely going to put in more of these and have chosen a wider selection of colours. I have also chosen a variety of colours of wall flowers, unfortunately this year most of the wall flowers ended up being a midnight snack for the local deer population.  The plot is now secure with electric fencing not the most attractive sight but essential around this area.


I am keeping records of number of plants planted (and number of plants eaten by slugs!) as well as the number of flowers picked.  As it is my first year of producing flowers on a bigger scale I have struggled to know how many of each plant to grow, what is the yield from each plant likely to be (obviously easier for plants slugs have eaten – thanks slugs) and what will I need for the different outlets.  Clearly, as others have said before, it is going to be a steep learning curve.


This week has been exciting as I have supplied my first bunches of flowers to the local shop (Headley community shop).  They have sold well and I am already thinking about what to put in the mixed bunches for next Thursday.  Getting the right packaging is really important.  I am always disappointed at the about of plastic and non-recyclable packaging comes with shop bought flowers.  I am trying to keep the packaging to a minimum and trying to ensure the majority can be composted.

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