Watering and Growing

Watering and growing

Everywhere you turn in the field things are growing (including the weeds).  I am still waiting with much anticipation for the Dahlia and Zinnia but everything else is flowering like mad.  The hot, dry weather has meant lots of watering but much less mowing thankfully.


The general advice is to put in support netting while the plants are still small, I promise to try harder next year – as usual I was a little behind and have had lots of fun trying to thread plants through the netting without breaking their delicate stalks.


The first of the biennials have been transplanted from the seed trays to modules.  I have struggled with the weather and the sun has been too scorching for the little plants.  Even by 9am some of them had wilted when I put them outside.  I now have them in a cold frame on a north facing wall.  The next lot of seeds will go in soon, the final lot I won’t put in until September.






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